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Get to Know Jackie

Being born an Aquarius and having a natural flair for the creative, Jackie's journey into the field of Interior Design began long before she even knew. Growing up, she was always interested in the latest fashions and trends, eventually attending the Fashion Institute of Technology and earning her Associate's degree in Fashion Merchandising. She went on to secure her Bachelor's degree in Marketing and spent 13 years in eCommerce at a national retailer. Feeling the need to tap into her creative side more to truly experience career fulfillment, Jackie turned to Interior Design professionally. She graduated from the Interior Design Institute and is excited to bring her passion and lively energy into every 'design adventure'. That's what she believes the process should be - a fun adventure to explore how to translate your unique personality and lifestyle into the spaces you inhabit every day! 

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Jackie understands her clients' hectic family lifestyle, as she is in the same stage of life as the mother of 3 beautiful (and highly energetic!) children. As a working parent, she knows how challenging it can be to carve out time to find the perfect pieces for your home that are a true representation of your family's lifestyle and personality. With her skills, she creates professional Design Plans for her clients that create a sanctuary-like environment for them to come home to (or log off) from their place of work. In each new project, she strives to create spaces that embody her client's unique style and give them a place they are proud to call 'home'.

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