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As the 2nd step in the process, the 2-hour Consultation is typically conducted in your home so Jackie can see the space in real life and take her own photos, video, and measurements. During this meeting, you'll have an in-depth conversation where she will ask a set of personalized, pre-determined questions centered around your style, wants, needs, likes, and dislikes. This meeting is crucial in understanding your family's unique personality and lifestyle in order to create your tailored Design Plan.


If you are unsure of the style aesthetic you favor the most, Jackie will help you discover that throughout the 2 hours based on the conversation. If you have inspiration photos that you've started to collect, this meeting is a great place to talk through those together!


A review of offered packages, what services are included in each, and pricing will also be provided. During this time, Jackie will share her portfolio so you can gain a better understanding of her various services. After the decision to move forward has been made, the fun really begins!

*2-hour in-home Consultation costs $300
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